module (N/error)

SuiteScript 2.0


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N/error Module
Object Description: Encapsulates a custom SuiteScript error for any server script type that is not a user event script. Use this object in a try-catch statement to abort script execution. Create a new custom error with the error.create(options) method. The error.create(options) method returns error.SuiteScriptError when it is called in any server script that is not a user event script. For a complete list of this object’s methods and properties, see SuiteScriptError Object Members.
Supported Script Types: All server scripts that are not user event scripts. For more information, see SuiteScript 2.0 Script Types.
Module: N/error Module
Since: 2015.2
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// Code Example 1
//Add additional code
// include this code in a server script that is not a user event script to create an error.SuiteScriptError object
var SScustom_error = error.create({
name: 'MY_ERROR_CODE',
message: 'my custom SuiteScriptError details',
notifyOff: false
//Add additional code