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SuiteScript 2.0


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N/runtime Module
Property Description: The string value of the center type, or role center, for the current user. The NetSuite UI adjusts automatically to different users' business needs. For each user, NetSuite displays a variable set of tabbed pages, called a center, based on the user's assigned role. Each NetSuite center provides, for users with related roles, the pages and links they need to do their jobs. For more information about NetSuite centers, see Centers Overview.
Type: string (read-only)
Supported Script Types: Client and server scripts For more information, see SuiteScript 2.0 Script Types.
Module: N/runtime Module
Since: 2015.2
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var userObj = runtime.getCurrentUser();
log.debug('String value of current user center type (role center): ' + userObj.roleCenter);
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