module (N/piremoval)

SuiteScript 2.0

{PiRemovalTask}.save(){_1_CANNOT_BE_EMPTY: {Record Type cannot be empty.},_1_JOB_WAS_NOT_FOUND: {_1_JOB_WAS_NOT_FOUND: {_1_JOB_WAS_NOT_FOUND: {_1_JOB_WAS_NOT_FOUND: {Workflow ID ‘ID’ was not found.}})

N/piremoval Module
Method Description: Saves the PI removal task. All validation for the task (for example, ensuring that the specified record IDs are valid) occurs when the task is saved using this method.
Returns: void
Supported Script Types: Server scripts For more information, see SuiteScript 2.0 Script Types.
Governance: 20 units
Module: N/piremoval Module
Parent Object: piremoval.PiRemovalTask
Sibling Object Members: PiRemovalTask Object Members
Since: 2019.2
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// Code Example 1
// Add additional code
var myPiRemovalTask = piremoval.createTask({
recordType: 'customer',
recordIds: [11, 19],
fieldIds: ['comments', 'phone'],
workflowIds: [1],
historyOnly: false,
historyReplacement: 'removed_value'
var myTaskId =;;
// Add additional code